Lise Montefiore

Provost Graduate Research Fellow & PhD Student

Alice Alonso, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

Cord Anthony

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Sam Blackman

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Lauren Bartek

Undergraduate Research Assistant


More Publications

. Cyclical patterns and a regime shift in phytoplankton blooms in a restricted sub-tropical lagoon: A 20-year perspective. Submitted, 2018.

. Post hoc support vector machine learning for biosensors based on weak protein-ligand interactions. Submitted, 2018.

. Revealing biotic and abiotic controls of harmful algal blooms in a shallow subtropical lake through statistical machine learning. Submitted, 2017.

. Temporal variability in the importance of hydrologic, biotic, and climatic descriptors of dissolved oxygen dynamics in a shallow tidal-marsh creek. In Water Resources Research, 2017.




  • ABE 495 / 590: “Applied Statistics for Environmental and Agricultural Data Analysis”, Spring 2018

Guest lectures:

  • Applying for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
  • Principles of data visualization
  • Intro to R and reproducible science for curious non-users
  • Intro to local and global sensitivity analysis