Lise Montefiore

Provost Graduate Research Fellow & PhD Student

Emine Fidan

Provost Graduate Research Fellow & PhD Student

Sam Blackman

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Amanda Dean

P4 Fellow

Asya Macon

P4 Fellow

Layla El Khoury

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Alice Alonso, PhD

Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar (lab alumna)

Cord Anthony

Undergraduate Research Assistant (lab alumnus)


Asterisks indicate an author is/was a graduate (*) or undergraduate (**) researcher in the Biosystems Analytics Lab


Submitted or near submission:

  • EJ Phlips, S Badylak, NG Nelson, K Havens, Tropical storms and harmful algal blooms in two Florida estuaries: The good, the bad and the ugly, submitted.
  • EJ Phlips, S Badylak, NG Nelson, LJ Morris, RG Chamberlain, LM Hall, JA Hart, C Jacoby, MA Lasi, JC Lockwood, J Miller, Regime shift in the character of phytoplankton blooms in a restricted sub-tropical lagoon: The linkage between benthic and planktonic primary producer dynamics, co-author review.
  • NG Nelson, R Muñoz-Carpena, EJ Phlips, P Sucsy, J Hendrickson, Parameter uncertainty drives incongruities between simulated chlorophyll and phytoplankton functional group dynamics in a mechanistic management model, co-author review.

Technical reports (non-referreed):

  • NG Nelson, S Ward, and D Ward (2017), Implications of altered freshwater flows on estuarine fish and shellfish: a case study of the Lower Suwannee River. White paper prepared for the Florida Climate Institute, UF Levin College of Law, and UF/IFAS Nature Coast Biological Station.
  • R Muñoz-Carpena and NG Nelson (2017), Lake George Water Quality Modeling: EFDC and CE-QUAL-ICM Platform Compatibility and Evaluation of Sensitivity Analysis Methodologies. Report to the St. Johns River Water Management District, Palatka, FL. Contract # 28650.

Teaching and Training

Research and Extension Experience for Undergraduates:


  • BAE 495 / 590: R Coding for Data Management and Analysis (fall 2019, distance ed)
  • BAE 590: Environmental and Agricultural Data Analytics and Modeling (offered every spring)
  • BAE 495 / 590: Applied Statistics for Environmental and Agricultural Data Analysis (spring 2018)

Guest lectures:

  • Applying for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
  • Principles of data visualization
  • Intro to R and reproducible science for curious non-users
  • Intro to local and global sensitivity analysis
  • Challenges and opportunities for application of process-based models and predictive analytics in water quality management decision-making


If you’re interested in broadening your students’ perspectives through podcasts, check out my working list of episodes related to biological and agricultural engineering. Episodes cover topics ranging from water quality to hydrologic modeling, ecosystem restoration, mariculture, and agriculture.

Lab news

More Posts

Natalie Nelson was awarded a grant from the USDA NIFA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, Educational Literacy Initiative’s Research and Extension Experiences for Undergraduates grant program (grant no. 2019-67032-29074/project accession no. 1018043) to create a new REEU program at NC State: Pigs, Poultry, the Planet and Data-Driven Problem-Solving (nicknamed “P4”).


Congratulations to Emine for this prestigious recognition from the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program!


Sam is off to Kennesaw State University from Apr 11-13 to present his poster, “Explanatory modeling of dissolved oxygen dynamics across diverse estuarine habitats,” at NCUR.


The Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center selected Lise for a Global Change Fellowship, and the Graduate Student Research Award was granted to her by North Carolina Sea Grant/Water Resources Research Institute for her proposal, “Spatiotemporal Reconstruction of Historical Swine CAFO Spread in North Carolina and Connections to Water Quality.” Many congratulations, Lise!


Drs. Angela Harris, Ryan Emanuel, Mahmoud Sharara, Natalie Nelson, Diego Riveros-Iregui, and Joshua Kearns were awarded a RAPID grant from the National Science Foundation’s Environmental Engineering program for their project entitled, “Assessing chemical and microbiological contamination in environmental waters in Eastern North Carolina after Hurricane Florence.”


Dr. Natalie Nelson (PI, NC State), Dr. Edward Phlips (Co-PI, UF), and Dr. Eric Milbrandt (Co-PI, Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation) were awarded a RAPID grant from the National Science Foundation’s Environmental Engineering program for their project entitled, “Coastal consequences of engineered water control systems: the role of freshwater discharges in Florida’s ongoing harmful algal bloom crises.”


Dr. Alice Alonso, Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar in the Biosystems Analytics Lab, wins First Place in the Faculty & Staff category of the NC State Envisioning Research photography competition for her submission, A Meeting of River & Sea (shown above).


NC State College of Agricultural and Life Sciences News spotlighted Lise Montefiore, Biosystems Analytics Lab PhD Student, for her research on the use of data analytics to identify vulnerable estuaries in the Southeast U.S.


Lise Montefiore, Biosystems Analytics Lab PhD Student, wins Second Place in the Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources category of the NC State Graduate Student Research Symposium for her poster, Coupling climate, land use, and sea level rise projections to identify threatened estuaries in North Carolina.


Sam Blackman, Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Biosystems Analytics Lab, wins Third Place in the NC Water Resources Research Institute student poster competition for his poster, Quantifying seasonal variability of dissolved oxygen and pH in brackish habitats of the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.