Randi Butler

Randi received her B.S. from Columbus State University in 2012 Earth and Space Sciences with a focus on Geology. From there she went to obtain her MNR in Natural Resources at the University of Georgia with a focus on Hydrology. Her studies at UGA focused on correlating temperature distribution on the Oconee River to that of river gauges and probes to find areas of fish kills, non-point source pollution and thermal pollution. She has worked in the federal government with the EPA as a physical scientist focusing on national pollutant discharge elimination systems and surface water quality, the US Army Corps of Engineers in their Army Geospatial Center as Hydrologist focusing on geospatial studies and mapping water source features outside of the United States, and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service as a Soil Conservationist helping local farmers in rural Georgia resolve natural resource concerns. Randi’s research involves leveraging remotely sensed and in situ data to develop predictive and explanatory models for use in sustainable environmental and agricultural management, working to capture, integrate, and analyze sweetpotato data collected from field to market.

Email: rbutler4 [at] ncsu.edu